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FBT-5 - 150x150.jpg

Before powering your network (or cable) the FBT-5 Fieldbus Wiring Validator may be used in conjunction with the FBT-6 to test the network infrastructure.

FBT-6 Fieldbus Monitor

The FBT-6 Fieldbus Monitor is our latest Fieldbus Diagnostic Tool.  Use it to monitor or troubleshoot a Foundation Fieldbus network.

FBT-6-PA Profibus PA Monitor

The FBT-6-PA Fieldbus Monitor analyzes a running Profibus PA (not FF) network providing a picture of its health.

FBT-9 Fieldbus ComTool

The Relcom Fieldbus ComTool (FBT-9) establishes communication among Foundation Fieldbus devices without a Host system.  It can temporarily assign addresses to devices so that they all become visible on the network.

FBT-10 Fieldbus Commissioning Box

The Relcom Fieldbus Commissioning Box (FBT-10) comes in a portable rugged case that contains rechargable batteries, a Fieldbus Power Supply, and many other features that streamline the field commissioning process.

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