FBT-6-PA Profibus PA Fieldbus Monitor

The Fieldbus Monitor, FBT-6-PA, is used to examine a live Profibus PA segment without interfering with its operation.  The Fieldbus Monitor is intended for commissioning and for maintenance personnel to verify network operation or to troubleshoot an errant network.

Upon connection to the segment the FBT-6-PA provides an overall assessment of segment health.  In addition, addresses, signal levels and retransmit counts can be displayed for all devices on the segment.  A device count, noise measurements, shield short detection, and more are also provided.

The FBT-6-PA provides the ability to store and download readings from 8 segments via a USB cable to a PC.  Reference the data sheet below for complete specifications.

For help with troubleshooting Fieldbus problems, see the Fieldbus Physical Layer Troubleshooting Guide.

FBT-6 Assistant software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 10.


Profibus PA Fieldbus Monitor




User Manual

Product Insert

EX Safety Instructions

FM Certificate

FMC Certificate

ATEX Cat2 Certificate

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IEC Ex Certificate

FBT-6 Assistant v3.2

FBT-6-PA Firmware v3.01