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Fieldbus Megablocks are DIN rail mounted Device Couplers for Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA networks.  Also called ‘bricks’ or ‘couplers’, Megablocks connect several field devices to the network trunk cable and provide short circuit protection for the segment.

Megablocks minimize hand wiring and allow individual devices to be added to and removed from the segment without disrupting network communication. A green power LED on each unit indicates whether DC power is present.

Available in four, eight, ten, and twelve drop versions, multiple Megablocks are also easily wired to one another to allow larger segments to be constructed.

Some Megablock models come with a built-in Fieldbus Terminator making them ideal for a star or chicken-foot topology where several transmitters are connected at a single field junction box, as shown to the left.  Models that include a Terminator are clearly marked with a large "T" for easy identification by field personnel.

Discrete Terminators are available to attach to Megablocks that do not have a built-in Terminator.  See the Fieldbus Terminators page for more information.




*F304, F308, F312

4, 8, & 12 way Megablock with pluggable screw terminals and F97 Terminator


4, 8, & 12 way IS Megablock with pluggable screw terminals - Intrinsically Safe Applications


4, 8, 10, & 12 way XE Megablock with pluggable screw terminals - Increased Safety (Zone 1) Applications


4, 8, 10, & 12 way Legacy Megablocks with pluggable screw terminals - Not for new designs

* These products are housed in a case with an integrated DIN Rail clamp.  Please   see the following document and/or video to properly install on the DIN Rail:

DIN Rail Installation:

Document 503-538


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