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Correctly mounting the MTL838C on DIN Rail

Installing the MTL838C on DIN Rail the correct way makes the job easier and less stressful on the plastic case.  Other products that use this case are the MTL831C, the F200-IS IS Megablock series, and the F300 Megablock series.

Properly Grounding a Fieldbus Segment

Proper grounding of a Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus PA segment makes the system more robust and less susceptible to noise.  This video covers some "do's" and "don't's" when it comes to Fieldbus grounding.

Preparing Fieldbus Cable for Termination

This video shows the necessary tools and method to properly prepare Fieldbus cable to be terminated on a Device Coupler such as our Megablocks.

Terminating Fieldbus Cable

Proper termination of Fieldbus Cable is the subject of this video.  We highly recommend using ferrules to make installation into terminals easier and prevent the possibility of stray strands causing a short.

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