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Relcom is an electronic product design and manufacturer specializing in high reliability products for the Process Industry (Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharma, etc.).  Our partnership and private labeling of products with Eaton (MTL Products) and Honeywell has extended our reach from a small town near Portland, Oregon, USA to the entire planet.  This global reach has prepared us to certify products for global compliance.  This includes CE marking, WEEE, RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, ATEX, IEC Ex, and many others.  Please see the following short video for a summary of who we are and what we are capable of designing and manufacturing.


Relcom began designing and manufacturing wiring components and test equipment for the industrial local area network known as Carrier-band (also known as MAP) in 1985.


By the mid to late 90's, Relcom had begun designing and manufacturing products for a new industrial network known as Foundation Fieldbus.  Many innovative (some patented) Relcom products became the standard in the industry. 

In 2001, Relcom joined forces with MTL (Measurement Technology, Ltd. - now Eaton) by naming them our exclusive global sales and distribution channel for Fieldbus products.  Eaton and Relcom have been working together as a team to provide the latest technology for Fieldbus installations.  This team is the second largest supplier for Foundation Fieldbus products globally.  For more information on Eaton (MTL Products), see their web site at

Quality Policy
Relcom Inc. is committed to manufacturing reliable and safe electronic devices that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Quality is achieved by skilled and dedicated employees working for the customers’ good, through continual improvement of our Quality Management System.

Quality Management System
In 2002, we implemented a Quality Management System that is audited by LCIE (a European Union Notified Body) according to ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018 which is modeled after ISO 9001:2015 with additional requirements to comply with the ATEX Directive and the IEC Ex Scheme.

Click here for a copy of the Certificate from LCIE.


Terms and Conditions

Click here for our Terms and Conditions


REACH Policy

Click here to read our policy on REACH.


RoHS Policy

Click here to read our policy on RoHS.

Our privacy policy may be found here.

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