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Fieldbus Terminators are DIN rail mounted Terminators for Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA networks that also include some surge protection*.  Two Terminators are required for each Fieldbus (FF or PA) network. Normally one Terminator is built into the Fieldbus Power Supply which is usually located in the control room.  These Terminators provide the second Terminator for the network which is usually located in the field near a Megablock.

The Terminator is easily wired to any Megablock to provide one of the two Terminators required on each segment.  The Terminator is clearly marked with a large "T" for easy identification by field personnel.

Some Megablocks are available with an in-built Terminator.  This eliminates the need for an external Terminator wired to the Megablock.  However, in-built Megablock Terminators do not provide surge protection*.

* Although the Relcom Terminators have some surge protection built in, it is not considered comprehensive for a distributed architecture such as that used with Fieldbus.  For comprehensive surge protection, please see MTL’s FS32, FP32, and TP32 products on their website (MTL Fieldbus Surge Protection).





Terminator (Div2 / Zone2)


IS Terminator (Div 1 / Zone1)


XE (Increased Safety) Terminator (Zone1)

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