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Our Multi-Segment Redundant Fieldbus Power Supplies are the latest in Fieldbus technology and provide the highest availability at lower cost than previously available.

F890 - 8 Segment Redundant Fieldbus Power Supply, F892, F880

To power a Fieldbus network for testing, demonstrations, commissioning, or calibration, our Power Hub is ideal.  An optional battery pack makes it portable.

F11 Fieldbus Power Hub

Our single channel Isolated Redundant Fieldbus Power Supplies provide highly reliable power for your smaller Fieldbus networks.

FPS-I Redundant Fieldbus Power Supply, FPS-IPM, FPS-RC, FPS-RCT

Our Labkit consists of an F11 Power Hub with a screwdriver, a cable for an NI host, and a device cable.


When redundancy is not required, our Isolated Fieldbus Power Supplies will reliably power your Fieldbus networks at a lower cost.  A low power version is available for solar powered applications.

F101, F102, F104 Fieldbus Power Supply