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F890 - 8 Segment Redundant Fieldbus Power Supply, F892, F880

Our Multi-Segment Redundant Fieldbus Power Supplies are the latest in Fieldbus technology and provide the highest availability at lower cost than previously available.

F11 Fieldbus Power Hub

To power a Fieldbus network for testing, demonstrations, commissioning, or calibration, our Fieldbus Power Hub is ideal.  An optional battery pack makes it portable.

FPS-I Redundant Fieldbus Power Supply, FPS-IPM, FPS-RC, FPS-RCT

Our single channel Isolated Redundant Fieldbus Power Supplies provide highly reliable power for your smaller Fieldbus networks.


Our Fieldbus Labkit consists of an F11 Fieldbus Power Hub with a screwdriver, a cable for an NI host, and a device cable.

F101, F102, F104 Fieldbus Power Supply

When redundancy is not required, our Isolated Fieldbus Power Supplies will reliably power your Fieldbus networks at a lower cost.  A low power version is available for solar powered applications.

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