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Cable issue in an Industrial Plant can be disastrous.  Important cable and installation practices in this Tech Note will help prevent cable issues.

A method of simplifying the process of designing Fieldbus Segments is presented in this Technical Note.

This Technical Note offers solutions when there are intermittent connection issues with a Fieldbus Segment.

Describes common Fieldbus Physical Layer problems and how to find them.

The technical importance of the features in our products in order to provide highly reliable Fieldbus Systems.

Mechanisms that can cause serious issues with a Fieldbus Segment when isolation from ground is lost on a segment.

The benefits of High Powered Trunk and Energy Limited Spurs for a Class I Division 2 or Zone 2 installation of Fieldbus Systems.

If you are experiencing Fieldbus Devices losing communication it may be due to noise which may be caused by a shield ground issue.

Provides suggestions to help minimize problems with the Fieldbus Physical Layer.

Information about using these two instruments together to test Fieldbus Wiring.

Various methods of connecting wires together or to a device is discussed in this Technical Note.


Please see MTL’s website ( for other Fieldbus Application notes.

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