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CBR-2, CBR-3, CBR-7 Carrier-band Repeater, Extender, Fiber Optic

The Relcom Carrier-band Repeaters are used to extend the Carrier-band network up to 50km.  Repeaters extend the Carrier-band network with fiber optic cable which also has the advantage of less susceptibility to noise and near-lightning strikes.

Three models of Relcom Fiber Optic Repeaters are available:

  1. The CBR-2 is intended for multi-mode applications where the fiber optic segment is less than 2 km in length or a passive star coupler is used with few ports and with short spurs.

  2. The CBR-3 is intended for multi-mode applications where the fiber optic segment is up to 8 km in length.

  3. The CBR-7 is a single mode fiber optic repeater intended for applications where the fiber optic segment is up to 50km in length.


The repeaters are available with either AC or DC power.


Relcom Fiber Optic Repeaters (Fiber Optic Extenders) are for industrial networks used by the Honeywell Data Highway, Fisher / Emerson Provox system, and the Siemens - Moore Products systems. 

Fisher / Emerson systems used a similar product made by Optelecom.  Customers who cannot get the Optelecom product have successfully used the Relcom Fiber Optic Repeater to continue to support or expand their systems.  The Relcom Fiber Optic Repeater can be a replacement for the Optelecom 802.4a Fiber optic extender - also labeled by Fisher-Rosemount Systems with PN: 12P0569X03R.  It is also known as model DH7751 Highway II Fiber-Optic Extender.

Honeywell calls them a UCN Extender or UCNE.  They are are specified for 18-36VDC or 85-236VAC (DC or AC models respectively).  They are also associated with part numbers MU-FOEA02 (AC version), MU-FOED02 (DC version), or 51197564 (with various suffixes).  A long distance version of the repeater is also made for Honeywell under their part number 38003026 (with various suffixes).




Repeater, 850nm, AC Power


Repeater, 850nm, DC Power


Repeater, 1300nm, AC Power


Repeater, 1300nm, DC Power


Repeater, 1300nm Laser, AC Power


Repeater, 1300nm Laser, DC Power

Carrier-band Repeaters are End-of-Life.  We have a limited number in stock. 

They will be discontinued when the stock is depleted.

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PS-051 CBR-2,3 Product Specification


500-169 Repeater Installation Instructions


500-375 CBR-2,3 Repeater Manual

FM Certificate

CC-009 CBR 2,3,6,HW FM CID2

CSA Certificate

CC-011 CBR 2, 3, 6, 7 HW CSA


PS-029 CBR-7 Product Specification


501-281 CBR-7 Installation and Testing

System Design

501-276 CBR-7 System Design Application Note

CSA Certificate

CC-011 CBR 2, 3, 6, 7 HW CSA
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