F100, FCS-MBT, FCS-MBT-XE Fieldbus Terminator

The F100 Terminator is a DIN rail mounted Terminator for Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA networks that also include some surge protection*.  These Terminators provide the second Terminator for the network which is located in the field near a Legacy Megablock.  The F100 is certified for Div 2/Zone 2 Hazardous Locations.

The Terminator is easily wired to any Megablock to provide one of the two Terminators required on the segment.  The Terminator is clearly marked with a large "T" for easy identification by field personnel.

* Although the Relcom Terminators have some surge protection built in, it is not considered comprehensive for a distributed architecture such as that used with Fieldbus.  For comprehensive surge protection, please see MTL’s FS32, FP32, and TP32 products on their website (MTL Fieldbus Surge Protection).




Terminator (Div2 / Zone2)



CSA Certificate

FM Certificate

ATEX Cat3 Certificate

DXF Drawing