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CBTester Carrier-band Tester

The Carrier-band Tester, CB Tester, is a field service instrument designed specifically for the Carrier-band network as it is defined in the IEEE-802.4. The Relcom CB Tester is a tool to check out network wiring when installing or troubleshooting parts and cable. The CB Tester can make the following measurements:

  • Return Loss - to insure there are no irregularities in the trunk cable - return loss should be greater than 21 dB.

  • Attenuation - to verify that drop ports and cables are within specifications.

  • Signal Level - when used with the auxiliary signal generator, allows the user to measure signal levels at various drop ports throughout the segment.

  • Noise - measures the noise ingress onto the cable to insure outside sources are not causing problems, also checks grounding. With poor grounding, noise levels can increase.

  • It also has Signal Generation capability built-in. This is useful for looking at signals with an oscilloscope to check for distortion.

The Carrier-band Tester has been Discontinued.  This page is for informational purposes only.

We MAY have a unit that can be rented.  Please contact us for more information.




Carrier-band Network Tester

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PS-049 CB Tester Product Specification


500-346 CBTester Manual
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